First time Printer Setup

  •   Download & Install HP Deskjet 1112 Software
  •   HP Deskjet 1112 Wireless Setup
  •   HP Deskjet 1112 Ink Cartridge Error
  •   HP Deskjet 1112 Paper Jam

HP Deskjet 1112 Printer Setup

Download & Install HP 1112 Software

  • The printer is to be turned on.
  • Unplug the cable from the printer if it is connected.
  • In our website, goto Software and Driver Downloads.
  • Identify your printer model by choosing a method, if needed, and use the instructions to go to our downloads page.
  • Select Download which is next to the full feature driver (if mentioned), Basic Drivers is selected for other options.

HP Deskjet 1112 Wireless Setup

  • Get the network name and password: SSID (Service Set Identifier) is the name of the network. The password is also known as the WEP key or WPA security passphrase.
  • Accessing the Internet: Only HP Web Services makes use of it. HP makes use of internet access as like cable or DSL.
  • Ensure that you have switched on the wireless-capable printer, router, and computer and see whether the connection is established between the computer and the wireless network in this Setup.

HP Deskjet 1112 Setup in Windows

HP Deskjet 1112 Windows Update

Install the HP software and driver for your HP printer for a USB connection. The installation includes a full feature driver and HP printer management software. When instructed to select a connection type during the installation, select the USB option. Note: As an alternative method to downloading the software, you can use the installation CD.

  • Switch on the printer.
  • If your HP printer is connected to the computer with a USB cable, unplug the cable from the HP printer.
  • Go to software and Driver downloads.
  • If instructed, choose a method to find your HP printer model, and then follow the on-screen instructions to go to the download page.
  • Select Download next to the full feature driver, or select Basic Drivers for other driver options.

Remove HP Deskjet 1112 not found Error

  • Restart the HP printer and the computer: Restarting the computer and your HP printer can clear possible error conditions.
  • Reconnect the cable: Disconnect and reconnect the USB cable from the HP printer and the computer.
  • Connect to a different USB port: Connect the cable to a different USB port on your computer.
  • Disconnect from a USB hub or docking station: If you are using a USB hub or docking station, try connecting the cable directly to your computer.
  • Try a different USB cable: Use a different USB cable. HP supports USB cables less than 3 m in length.
  • Disconnect other USB devices: If you have different USB-connected devices, such as another HP printer, the computer might not have sufficient power supplied to the USB ports to detect all of them. Disconnect any other USB devices that are not in use.

Troubleshooting HP Deskjet 1112 Ink Cartridge Problems

Step 1:Remove HP 1112 Cartridges

  • At times the cartridge might not have completed electrical contact with the printer.
  • Switch on the printer. Unseal the cartridge cover.
  • You can proceed only after the printer is idle and silent.
  • Hold down on the end of the cartridge to release it.
  • Note: It is very important that you remove the cartridge when indicated by the blinking light or error message.
  • To remove the cartridge pull it out of the slot towards you.
  • Caution: Do not remove both the cartridges at the same time. Clean the cartridges one at a time.
  • It is important that you do not leave a cartridge outside the printer for more than 30 minutes.
  • Unplug the power cord from the back side of the printer and then unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet.

Step 2:Inspecting HP 1112 Cartridge

  • If the cartridges are damaged replace them with new, genuine HP cartridge.
  • Caution: Never touch the copper-colored electrical contacts or the ink nozzles.
  • Check if there is any debris on the copper-colored electrical contacts.
  • Ensure that no protective tape is on the cartridge.
  • Check if the number on the cartridge label is compatible with the printer.
  • In case the cartridge is not compatible with your printer, replace your cartridge.
  • If the cartridge is compatible with your printer, proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Cleaning HP 1112 electrical contacts

  • Collect the following materials.
  • Soft materials like dry foam rubber swabs, lint-free cloth that will not come apart or leave fibers. Coffee filters can also be used.
  • It is best to use distilled, filtered or bottled water rather than tap water as it might contain contaminants that can damage the cartridges.
  • Caution: Never use alcohol to clean the cartridge contacts. These might damage the cartridge or the printer. Grasp the cartridge by its sides.
  • Immerse a clean foam-rubber swab or lint-free cloth into distilled water, and then squeeze the excess water from it.
  • Slowly wipe the copper-colored contacts with the swab. Keep doing this with new swabs until no ink residue or debris appears on the swab.
  • Clean the copper-colored electrical contacts quickly and make sure the cartridge is not outside the printer for more than 30 minutes.
  • If the cartridge is outside the printer for too long, the ink might dry and clog the nozzles.
  • Clean the contacts in the carriage.
  • You can either let the cartridge sit for 10 minutes to allow the cleaned area to dry, or use a new swab to dry it. Follow the same steps to clean the contacts on the other cartridge.

Reinstalling HP 1112 Ink Cartridges

  • Position the cartridge with the HP logo facing up. Gently push the cartridge into the slot. Install the tri-color cartridge (marked with a triangle) and the black cartridge (marked with a square or pentagon) into their respective slots with the matching icon.
  • Push the cartridge forward into the slot until it clicks into place. Close the cover of the printer. Plug back the power cord to the back of the printer, and then connect the power cord into the wall outlet. Switch on the printer.

Remove HP Deskjet 1112 Paper Jam Error

  • Switch off the printer.Unplug the USB cable from the backside of the printer.
  • The power cord is to be unplugged from the backside of the printer.
  • Warning: Unplug the power cord before touching the printer inside to avoid the risk of injuries or electric shock.
  • Take out all the loose sheets of paper from the input tray.
  • If there is an existence of foreign materials like paper clips or some other objects that may have fallen inside in the input tray then remove all of it. Note: A flashlight is required to view the area.
  • Move the pick mechanism found inside the input tray to take out the foreign items found.
  • Caution: Make sure that there are no foreign items which remain inside the input tray and this will cause paper jams or damage to the printer.
  • Loose sheets of paper or foreign materials from the output tray should be taken out.
  • Slightly turn the printer and rest it on its bottom side, so that the backside should be facing you.
  • Caution: Tilting of printer should not be done totally upside down because ink leaking may occur at times from the cartridges.
  • In order to open the clean out door press-in both of the tabs which are at the bottom side of the printer. Take out if there is any paper jam or foreign materials that are inside the printer.
  • Note: While taking out the paper if it gets torn, check inside the printer if there are any torn pieces of paper that stay inside the printer, which might cause paper jams.
  • Close the clean out door by pushing the door forward till it clicks into its place.
  • Slightly turn the printer to its normal position.
  • Foreign objects may get shifted while turning the printer so look inside the input tray and then take out the found foreign objects.
  • Reconnect the Powercable and Turn on the Printer
  • If the Issue still Persists, service the Printer