Copying of text and images with high accuracy can be done using 123 HP envy 5544. The copy menu on the front panel of your HP envy 5544 will allow you to select the number of copies, color and size. You will need to install the associated software to copy a document from your HP envy 5544 Printer.

To Copy A Document Or Photo

  • In order to copy documents you need to plug the power cord into the power source of your HP envy 5544 Printer.
  • Open the lid of the scanner to place the document. You can place the documents inside the scanner tray or glass.
  • Once you have placed the document or may be photo, close the lid of the scanner.
  • Adjust the settings that are necessary for the document to copy.
  • To copy a photo, you can use the scanner glass as the document feeder may cause damage to the photo.
  • The photo should be faced downwards on the scanner glass.
  • From your HP envy 5544 Printer control panel, touch COPY and specify the required number of copies. Select the copy color and start COPY.
  • You can make further adjustments if necessary

More Copy Features

In the copy menu of your HP envy 5544 Printer, you can press the up and down arrows which are right next to your copy command to select the settings for the document or photo that you want to copy.

Paper Type:

  • Paper type option will allow you to select the paper size and paper type.
  • A plain paper setting will print in plain paper delivering normal print quality to your copied text or image.
  • A photo paper setting will print on photo paper with the best quality to your copied text or image.


  • Actual size option will allow you to make a copy which is the exact size of your original, but the margins of the copied image or text may be clipped.
  • Resize to fit command makes a copy that is centered with a white border around the edges. The resized image may be either enlarged or reduced to fit the size of the selected output paper.
  • Custom Size command allows you to increase the image size by selecting values greater than 100% or reduce the size of the image by selecting values less than 100%.

ID Copy:

  • This command option allows you to copy both sides of ID card and print on the plain paper. Lighter/ Darker: You can make use of this option to adjust the copy settings to make copies lighter or darker.

123 HP Envy 5544 Printer – Lines or Bands in Copy

Users may experience vertical lines or color bands in the printed output when you try to fax a file or photo. Here you have some solutions to resolve this issue.

Confirm The Issue Is Not Printing- Related

  • The solution provided here lets you resolve lines and color bands only when scanning, copying, or faxing.
  • Make sure the issue is not related to printing.
  • In case, If there is an issue related to printing or if lines or bands occur when printing from the computer, all you need to do is to Go HP Customer Support and enter the model number of your HP Printer as HP envy 5544.
  • Then you will have to search for print quality to find the ‘Fixing Poor Print Quality’ document for your HP envy 5544 printer with simple procedures to resolve the issue.
  • If lines or bands occur when you scan, copy or fax a document or photo, you can proceed to the next step.

Reset The 123 HP Envy 5544 Printer

Resetting the HP envy 5544 printer can force some types of scanners which might fix the problem.

  • Remove items if any from the scanner glass and ADF, then close the scanner lid. With the HP envy 5544 printer turned on, disconnect the power cord from both the printer and the wall outlet.
  • Wait for around 15 seconds. Replug the power cord into a wall outlet.
  • Reconnect the power cord to the HP envy 5544 printer. Try to scan, copy, or fax a file now.
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