123.hp.com/envy5642 Printer Setup and Installation


  •   HP Envy 5642 ePrint Setup
  •   HP Envy 5642 Wireless Direct
  •   HP Envy 5642 Windows Update
  •   HP Envy 5642 Print Speed Handling
  •   HP Envy 5642 Troubleshooting

HP Envy 5642 Printer Functions

HP Envy 5642 Printing

In 123.hp.com/envy5642 You can print a document or photo with the to produce high quality text and images. To print a document or image your computer needs to be connected to a printer. The below given instructions will guide you on how to print a document using HP envy 5642 Printer.


HP Envy 5642 Fax Setup

HP envy 5642 comes with Fax feature which enables you to send and receive faxes containing images and text including color faxes. You can also schedule faxes and can easily set up speed-dials which will allow you to send faxes quickly to the numbers that are frequently used.


HP Envy 5642 Copy Setup

Copying of text and images with high accuracy can be done using HP envy 5642. The copy menu on the front panel of your HP envy 5642 will allow you to select the number of copies, color and size. You will need to install the associated software to copy a document from your HP Printer.


HP Envy 5642 Printing Technologies

HP Envy 5642 e-Print

Using HP ePrint app, you can print text or images on any HP ePrint enabled printer. If you are using an 123.hp.com/envy5642 Printer that supports network printing, you can make use of an HP eprint app to print documents and pictures right from your smartphone, tablets, and PCs.

HP Envy 5642 Wireless Direct

HP wireless direct is a feature that will allow your Wi-Fi capable devices such as smartphones, tablets, or computers to enable wireless network connection directly to your 123.hp.com/envy5642 Printer without the use of a wireless router or any access point.

HP Envy 5642 Duplex Printing

  • Load the paper into the printer tray. To print a document, open your document click print from the file menu.
  • Click on the button that opens the properties dialog box which will vary according to your 123.hp.com/setup 5642 software application.
  • Select the orientation on the layout tab. Under printing shortcut tab, Select two-sided printing or print on both sides from the tab.
  • You can select the paper type you require and in the quality settings area, you can select the print quality.
  • To make further settings, click advanced from the paper size drop down list.

HP Envy 5642 Printer Cartridge Broken

A broken ink cartridge might be damaged during shipment or has clogged nozzles. You can use the below suggestions which will help you determine if an ink cartridge is broken and needs to be replaced.

  • If the ink cartridge is damaged during shipment, you can contact support requesting a replacement of new ink cartridge.
  • If the ink cartridge seems fine but the quality of your print is not as expected, you can go to our website and can search for Fixing Print Quality in order to make your print job satisfactory.
  • Restart the printer if the ink cartridge seems fine but print jobs are blank.
  • Try reinserting the ink cartridges.

HP Envy 5642 Speed Handling

  •   123.hp.com/setup 5642 printer offers cost-effective and highly impressive printing from virtually anywhere.
  •   With envy 5642, you can produce borderless, photo-lab like photos and laser-sharp documents from any mobile device or tablet.
  •   It offers print speeds of up to 7 pages per minute for black & white prints and prints up to 4 pages per minute for color prints.
  •   You can save paper and time with its duplex printing feature.
  •   You can print wirelessly from anywhere with this 123.hp.com/envy5642 printer.

HP Envy 5642 Troubleshooting

HP Envy 5642 Ink Cartridge Error

Solution 1: To check ink or toner cartridge compatibility or to purchase replacement cartridge, you can visit HP Sure Supply.You can order for new cartridges if your current cartridges are not satisfactory or check cartridge compatibility with your HP printer.

Solution 2: Open the cartridge door. Remove the ink cartridge from its slot. Take off the protective tapes if any on the nozzles. Insert the cartridge. Close the lid.


HP Envy 5642 Windows Update

  • Make sure you install all the appropriate updates on your computer.
  • If not search for change device installation settings in the search windows bar of 123.hp.com/setup 5642.
  • From the displayed results, Click change device installation settings.
  • From change device installation settings window, you have to click yes (recommended) button. Then click check for updates option.
  • If you find updates available on the screen. Then wait for the computer to install them and then try to print
  • If the computer is up to date, then try printing once you restart your computer


HP Envy 5642 Driver Download and Installation

This document supports both HP Envy 5642 printers with Mac OS and OS X. You can download the printer driver for your Mac and install it from the Downloads folder.

HP Envy 5642 Driver Download

You can download the full featured print driver download or HP Easy Start guided installation app from the download page depending on your printer and version of the operating system you use. Both provide you the best driver for your 123.hp.com/envy5642 printer.

  • Kindly follow the instructions below to download the print driver from HP official websites.
  • Once the download is completed, you can proceed to Install the 123.hp.com/setup 5642 printer driver.
  • Ensure that you have an active Internet connection. Or else you can’t download the printer driver though HP Easy Smart is opened.

If you are prompted type your printer model, kindly include it and then check whether the operating the system version is correct. Under Driver-Product Installation Software, depending on the displayed options, press Download next to HP Easy Start or next to the full feature print driver. The printer driver download is saved to the Downloads folder.

HP Envy 5642 Driver Installation

At the time of installation, if you are prompted to select a connection type, select either the USB or Wireless or Wired based on your connection preference and your 123.hp.com/envy5642 printer option to finish the installation process.

  • To start the installation open the Downloads folder, and then open the HP Easy Start file or the full featured print driver.dmg file.
  • To set up the printer connection and to install the printer driver the displayed instructions should be followed.
  • Click Add Printer to create a print queue on the Mac when you are prompted to do so.
  • The Add Window is opened now.
  • Choose the name of your printer, and then press Use or Print Using menu.
  • You can now choose the name of your printer in the pop-up menu, then tap Add.
  • To complete the installation return to the HP installer.

HP Envy 5642 Printing Solutions

Print with HP Envy 5642 Wireless Direct

If your HP Printer fails to print using HP wireless direct, you can follow the below guidelines to print wirelessly from a computer, smart phone, tablet, or other. Make sure your computer or mobile device has installed the appropriate software. If you are using a mobile device, ensure you have installed a compatible printing app to your device.

  • Make certain HP wireless direct is turned on in the HP envy 5642 printer.
  • HP wireless direct can be used while the HP Envy 5642 printer is also connected to a computer using USB cable or connected to a network using a wireless connection.

Sign in into HP 5642 Instant Ink Account

  • HP Instant Ink is an ink cartridge replacement service.
  • You can enroll your 123.hp.com/setup 5642 Instant Ink capable printer in an HP Instant Ink plan.
  • If you have already enrolled your HP printer with the HP Instant Ink service.
  • You can sign in to your HP Instant Ink account directly
  • To view your account information.
  • If you are not signed in already.
  • You can go to hpinstantink.com/sign in which is an HP Connected website.
  • Sign in to your HP Instant Ink account.

HP Envy 5642 Printing Blank Pages

Try checking the estimated ink levels and replace any low or empty cartridges. To check estimated ink levels

  •   From the control panel home screen of your 123.hp.com/envy5642 Printer, touch the Right Arrow.
  •   Touch Ink, so that the current ink levels will be displayed.
  •   From the control panel home screen of your HP envy 5642 Printer touch the Right Arrow, and then touch the Setup icon. Touch Tools icon->Clean Print head. The printer cleans the print head and the printer prints a test page in 123.hp.com/envy5642.