123 HP Officejet 8040 Scanning(Windows)

123 HP Officejet 8040 Printers – Scanning from the Computer (Windows)

This content is for HP printers with built-in scanners and computers with Windows. Use the scanner on your HP printer to create image files from the paper documents, photos, or any other objects. Different scan apps and tools are available, based on your HP printer and the Windows version installed on your particular computer. HP suggests using HP Scan or HP Solution Center software to get the most out of your HP printer scan features. This software supports saving scans as a PDF, adding multiple pages into a single file, and scanning from the HP Officejet 8040 printer control panel. HP Scan and Capture and Windows Paint also include useful features to edit and save scans.

Scan with HP 8040 Scan software

You can start your scan jobs from the computer or the HP printer, change scan quality settings, save scans as PDF files, and more.

Note: If HP Scan is not installed, the computer cannot process scans started from the HP printer and the scan button is disabled. Two versions of HP Scan are available, based on when your HP printer was released. Both provide similar functionality and scanning support.

Scan a document or photo with HP Officejet 8040 Scan software.

  • Place the item on the scanner glass, in the document feeder slot, or in the automatic document feeder, based on your HP printer type and features.
  • NOTE: Do not load photos in the Automatic Document Feeder to prevent damage to the photos and the HP printer.
  • Search Windows for your HP printer type, and then select the HP 8040 printer name in the list of results.
  • HP Printer Assistant opens.
  • Select Scan a Document or Photo.
  • HP Scan opens. Select one of the shortcuts that match the file type and the resulting action you want.
  • Change any one of the shortcut default settings on the right side of the window, if required.
  • Note: Available settings may change based on if you are scanning a document or a photo.
  • Choose Show scan preview or Show Viewer after Scan to preview and make additional edits to the scan before saving it.
  • Select Advanced Settings or More to change settings such as quality, color, and the default scan destination folder.
  • Select Scan.
  • The printer scans the item, then a preview of the scan displays in HP Scan.
  • If required, double-click the thumbnail image of the scanned item, and then change any additional settings.
  • Select Save.
  • The Save as windows opens.
  • Choose the folder you want to save the scan to, change the File name if necessary, verify the file type in the Save as type menu, then select Save.
Scan to email

Use email shortcuts in HP officejet 8040 Scan to automatically attach a scan to your email message. Local email client software such as Live Mail, Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird must be installed on your computer and connected to an email service provider to scan to email. Note: If you use web-based emails such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo Mail, the account must be configured with the local email client to use this feature. Verify the email client support site for IMAP, POP, and SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) information required to connect your email account.

  • In HP Scan, choose one of the email-related shortcuts (Photo to Email, Document to Email, Email as PDF, or Email as JPEG), and then click Scan. The scan preview opens.
  • Select Send.A new email message automatically opens with the scan attached.
  • Scan with Pain. Scan documents and your photos into Microsoft Paint, an app that comes with all Windows versions.
  • Place the item on the scanner glass, in the document feeder slot, or in the automatic document feeder (ADF), based on your HP printer type and the features.
  • Note: Do not load photos in the ADF to prevent damage to your photos and the HP printer.
  • Search Windows for paint, and then select the Paint app in the list of results.
  • Select File or the menu icon, and then select from scanner or camera.
  • Menu to scan from Paint. Choose a color option for the type of image or document which you are preferred for scanning. To change your contrast, brightness and resolution settings, select Adjust the quality of the scanned picture.
  • Select Scan. From the File menu, select Save as to save the scan in the desired image format and folder on your computer.
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