Printing photos with HP Sprocket Photo Printer:

Step 1: Check for the requirements as below.

Ensure that the HP Sprocket Photo Printer and your mobile device should contain the requirements below before you try to print.

  • Check if the printer’s hardware is set up. If not, please refer our website and follow the procedure for the HP Sprocket Photo Printer setup.
  • Mobiles should be compatible with Android OS version of 4.4 and higher. If it is for Apple devices, then it should be version 8.0 and greater.
  • Verify if the Bluetooth option on your mobile device is enabled. If not swipe it to turn on.

Step 2: HP Sprocket app installation on your mobile device.

HP Sprocket app is required to bond the print on your mobile device with the printer via a Bluetooth connection. If the app is already installed on your mobile, proceed to the next step, else continue with the following step.

  • Look for the HP Sprocket page by referring our website.
  • To install the HP Sprocket app on your device, search for the app in Google Play or Apple Store, depending on your mobile device and follow the mobile screen instructions.

Step 3: Instructions to connect your mobile device and the HP Sprocket Photo Printer.

Employ pairing between the Bluetooth connection and your mobile device to the printer once the app is installed.

  • The printer is set to the turn on mode.
  • From your mobile settings, open the Bluetooth menu that displays the nearby devices for you.
  • Explore for HP sprocket (xx: xx) in the list.

Touch the printer if it is shown on the list, and continue to the next step. If not available, tap on Search or Scan depending on Android or iOS device. Touch on the printer and proceed to the next step, if it is listed.

Step 4: Performing a print job with HP Sprocket app.
  • Place the HP ZINK® Sticky-Backed Photo Paper on the printer’s input tray.
  • Open the HP Sprocket app with a single touch.
  • Tap the Camera icon on your mobile home screen, and then follow the prompts on the screen, to authenticate the app to access your camera and photos if required.
  • If you wish to print a saved photo, from the home screen, tap the Photos or icon, and follow the instructions on the mobile screen, that allow the app to access the photos on your mobile gallery if needed.
  • If you are printing photos from your social media account, touch and sign in to the required applications such as Facebook, Flickr or Instagram etc.; access the photos to print if necessary.
  • Touch the icon on which your photo is saved and it displays the print preview screen.
  • Touch the Edit icon to adjust the photo settings such as appearance, add text or stickers, or apply filters if needed.
  • Tap a tick mark on the Checkmark icon to save the changes made if any, and then tap the Print icon.
  • When the message Sending to a printer appears on your mobile screen, it completes the photo printing process over a Bluetooth connection.
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